Marbra's Leakproof Nursing Bra wins Made for Mums Award

Marbra's Leakproof Nursing Bra wins Made for Mums Award

We are thrilled to announce that Marbra's Leakproof Everyday Nursing Bra has been honoured with the Bronze Award in the Made for Mums Awards 2024 for Best Nursing Maternity Products. This recognition is a testament to Marbra's commitment to providing innovative, high-quality products that meet the needs of nursing mothers.

"To be honoured with the Bronze award by Made for Mums for our Leakproof Nursing Bra  is a tremendous honour and a validation of our dedication to creating functional and comfortable nursing bras for mums,” said Laura Ormerod, Co-founder of Marbra. “We understand the daily struggles faced by nursing mothers, and we wanted to design a product that would make their lives easier and more comfortable."

In the words of parent tester Bonny, who tested the Leak Proof Nursing Bra for Made for Mums with their 5 month old: "I breastfeed my baby every 3 hours and I was very surprised at how effective this bra is at absorbing my leaky breast milk. At times I didn’t even realise I was leaking as the fabric dries very quickly, so goodbye breast pads! I also love the support the bra provides and how flattering and soft it is. It’s easy to use and I was able to release it and do it up with one hand."

One of the most common issues faced by nursing mums is leakage, which can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. Marbra, which was found by mums Caroline Rowland and Laura Ormerod, recognised this problem firsthand and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Combining their personal experiences, Caroline and Laura set out to create a bra that would revolutionize the way women breastfeed. After months of research and development, they have successfully crafted a leakproof bra that offers a game-changing solution.

"The Leak proof Everyday Nursing Bra was born out of our personal experiences as mothers,” said Co-founder Caroline Rowland, “We wanted to create a bra that not only provided excellent support and comfort but also addressed the common issue of leaks. We are thrilled that the judges at Made for Mums recognised the innovation and effectiveness of our leakproof technology. This award is a testament to our dedication to providing practical solutions for nursing mothers."

 The Marbra Everyday Leakproof Bra is meticulously engineered to provide maximum comfort, support, and convenience for nursing mothers. Its innovative design incorporates specialised fabric and advanced technology to prevent leaks and keep mums dry throughout the day. With the Marbra Leak Proof Bra, disposable plastic nursing pads are now a thing of the past, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

 The Made for Mums Awards are highly regarded in the parenting and baby industry, as they are judged by a panel of experts, real-life mums, and dads. The awards recognise outstanding products that make a real difference to parents' lives. Winning a Bronze Award in this prestigious competition is a significant achievement for Marbra and for our Leak proof Nursing Bra. 

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