Lets talk boobs!!


We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a baby and you will want to welcome all the support out there. Breastfeeding can be extremely challenging and many first time parents have never been around breastfeeding let alone babies.

New parents are often isolated and don’t have the resources, time to find the right help and guidance. So what we all end up doing at 3am is searching on google for the cure. 

When breastfeeding is not working the way you imagine it should it is easy to turn to your virtual village. The problem is that breastfeeding is a unique experience to each baby and parent. There is no one size fits all to feed your baby.

New parents are hungry for guidance. In their sleep deprived state they reach out: 

”Help! My baby won’t latch.”

“Help! My nipples are bleeding,”

“Help! My milk supply is low,” 

“Help! My boobs are leaking,

“Help! What’s the right nursing bra to wear. 

As a mumma to 5 babies I’ve been there time and time again. Everyone has an opinion and loves to share, it’s all good stuff, but while you are figuring it all out listen in for the small golden nuggets that might help you but always listen to your gut instinct. Mumma always knows best. Find your village to help when you’re at your lowest. It’s always good to have that friend who you both can call upon. 

So let’s talk boobs….. when you’re pregnant your boobs are normally the first thing to pop!! Not the belly. I’ll never forget a client while I was teaching a Pilates class called out. Are you pregnant 🙈 you’re all boobs and bum. I was horrified as I was only a few weeks in. For each mumma it’s so unique but we all change shape. 

Around 12 weeks of pregnancy it's a good time to get re-fitted. You will want a maternity wire free bra that’s comfortable, something breathable and easy to wear that can grow with you. When you hit the end of your pregnancy you will probably want to buy up a size or too as again, when your milk comes in your boobies will be engorged hot and leaky. When Caroline and myself started talking about those early days of motherhood we both would have loved a bra that would look after us while we were juggling everything else that’s thrown at you in your fourth trimester. 

Marbra supports, holds you in all the right places, it’s the ultimate comfort. We also have created a leakproof bra for those nights where you,babe,and the bed end up soggy. We like to think we have your boobs covered. 

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